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Caring For Yorkies

General Temperament

The Yorkshire Terrier requires a great deal of care. Yorkies are known to require more human contact than any other dog.  In addition to being extremely dependent, they also have "Terrier Attitude", which means they will continuously be testing you to see how far they can go, and what they can get away with.  Yorkies aren't really well suited for households with children, first off due to their small size and fragility (not to mention resemblance to a stuffed animal) but also because of their temperaments.  It is highly recommended that you set up ground rules early in the puppy's life, so that you will not end up with a problem dog.  What may seem like cute behavior at first can end up being real trouble, i.e, chewing on an old slipper will teach the dog that chewing on any slipper is allowed.  In the event that you come home and find one of your personal possessions has been torn apart by your Yorkie, it could also be because it had your scent on it.  Yorkies are not malicious creatures, but they have been know to misbehave with their master's personal items when left alone in the house.  




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