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Caring For Yorkies (cont...)

Yorkie Diet

Yorkies have very beautiful hair, and apart from proper grooming, it requires you feed your dog a balanced diet in order to maintain its luster.  As a general rule, do not feed your dog only one kind of dog food.  Find a dry food that it likes and has no trouble digesting, and then find a wet food that isn't too rich.  The wet food will help maintain the dog's natural oils, keeping the coat soft and shiny.  Some people with toy dogs sometimes feed them cat food.  This is wrong, and could give your pet digestive upset.  While dogs may be extremely attracted to the scent of cat food, it is too rich.  Dogs are also lactose intolerant, so beware of cheese and milk.  One only has to be on the receiving end of Fifi's flatulence following a her eating cheese to know what I mean.

Treats should only be given as rewards, and not to gain a dog's affection.  Practice obedience exercises with your dog, and then feed her a treat if she is successful.  Do not delay rewards, nor punishment, as dogs have very lousy short term memory.  




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