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Caring For Yorkies (cont...)


Chances are you're probably going to be spoiling your dog, so I'm sure you'll notice if there's anything wrong.  Yorkies are prone to a number of problems, including:  dental problems, hair loss, hypoglycemia, Legg-Perthes disease, patellar luxation, portocaval shunt, and other disorders.  Start your pet on a flea and heartworm control program, ask your vet about the different pills which are currently available.  If your dog appears ill, collect a stool sample and bring it along with your pooch when you visit your veterinarian.  Give your dog Dentabone edible chew toys, in order to keep it's teeth clean.  It is also a good idea to purchase special bones such as Nylabone etc., because they are treated with certain flavors that will teach the dog that it's ok to chew on those, and wrong to chew on regular plastic.  When you catch your dogs chewing on plastic items, sy "No!", and when the dog lets go, offer the specialized toy as an acceptable alternative.  If your dog suffers from bad breath, you may give her some parsley, as it will help her digestion and give her fresh breath in the process (much the same as when dogs eat grass).  

Do not give your dog rawhide chews, some of these are made from the skin of animals from third world countries, and these are sometimes contaminated by lead and other hazardous waste the animals ingest while drinking from polluted streams.  Also, make sure to keep chicken bones, or other small objects of your dog's reach, since they represent a choking hazard.


These are just a few tips on Yorshire Terrier care.  You may want to ask other pet owners about their bag of tricks by visiting our discussion board.


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