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Grooming Your Yorkie

One of the advantages of the Yorkshire Terrier in regards to grooming, is that you do not necessarily need to bring your dog to a professional groomer.  Yorkies are easy to groom.

Here are some basic tips:

Since Yorkies have long straight hair, it is preferable to use a comb rather than a brush, which could damage your dog's hair.  Use a larger comb for your dog's coat, and a fine comb to cover the areas around the eyes and whiskers.

Comb your dog's hair every day to avoid tangles; doing so will also keep the hair clean until you decide it's time to bathe your dog.  If your dog's hair gets tangled up, simply wet the tangles and use your fingers to work them out.  Another important hygiene tip is to keep  the dog's underside free of urine stains.  Do so, by washing the area daily.  Do not use shampoo, as daily washing  may end up irritating the dog's skin.

To remove mucus from the corners of your dog's eyes, simply use a cotton ball soaked in warm water, and make sure you get all of it, as any leftover residue can cause the hair to rot.

While there are many who buy expensive doggie shampoos, it is not obligatory to do so.  Use a lightly scented baby shampoo and conditioner to bathe your dog, making sure to rinse it out thoroughly.  Do not bathe the dog every day, as doing so takes away the skin's natural oils, resulting in more dander, and a dull coat.  Also take special care not to blow-dry your dog's hair a high temperature settings, as it too can make the skin overly dry.  Comb the hair as you dry it, as you would human hair.

Yorkies do not require much trimming, except around the ears and feet.  Do not use pointy scissors for doing so, as they could hurt your dog's ears.  Yorkies can be fidgety when they are being groomed, so use of scissors with rounded edges is recommended.  You should start trimming your Yorkie's ears when it is a puppy, so that they will stay erect.  If you do not do so, they will bend with the weight of the hair and adopt that shape, making it harder for them to stay straight later on.

And finally, pay close attention to your dog's teeth.  Thtere are products out there such as Dentabone (Pedigree) which help keep your dog's teeth clean without brushing, but you may want to talk to your vet about your Yorkie's oral hygiene before you go ahead and use a doggie toothbrush.

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